Smitanan Sangkagoon's Journey to College Women Golf



Sense’s Journey to College Golf

Like so many other young athletes that have developed into talented players, Smitanan Sangkagoon (Sense) began playing golf at a young age. During her early years, while she played the game for fun, her parents guided and encouraged her, but always left her to make her own decisions. And it was not until she was about 11 that she became a bit serious about training. But this gentle guidance allowed her to develop her passion for the game at her own pace, and her parents have been a massive help to her in every way, and Sense cannot thank them enough.

At the age of 14, the strength of her support network was severely tested when she suffered a severe back injury. The disk in her spine moved due to some heavy workout sessions and improper technique, and she ended up not being able to play golf, or any other sports, for 18 months. For a young player that had found her passion for golf, it was traumatic, and a real test of her character. And Sense is very magnanimous in describing the support she received, remembering the help of her family and friends.  “My parents are the most supportive in the world! The love and the encouragement they gave me during those hard times are the reason why I am where I am today.”

These experiences have sharpened Sense’s desires to have a great college experience, as she has received a scholarship to golf in the USA at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Overjoyed, she calls this her dream school, and she can’t wait to get there and immerse herself in the student-athlete experience. The Agency walked Sense through her options, and were so excited to see Sense land in a setting that was ideal for her. Of course, Sense has ambitions to continue her growth on the golf course, but she is equally excited about the opportunities to continue her education and have new experiences. Describing herself as a lifelong learner with a curiosity for a wide range of activities, this overseas experience is incredibly attractive. “Studying is also my passion. I’ve always loved going to school, learning new things every day, and doing all kinds of activities. I’m always that one kid in the class who raises their hand to answer or ask any questions. Growing up, my parents would describe me as active, energetic, and even competitive. I just love to get involved in everything.”

Sense is bright and articulate, and fully cognizant of how blessed she has been during her journey. As she says, it has been an accomplishment that has been possible by the team around her and the amount of effort she has put in. “My experience with the Agency College Recruit has been fantastic! K. George and his team were very helpful in guiding me through the process. They helped me to prepare for my interviews, and recommended things I should be doing. They were the last missing piece in the puzzle. They went above and beyond, like contacting the coaches separately to make sure the coaches notice my email and my profile. I knew I could always rely on them!”