Kamonwan Prasurtwong's Journey to College Women's Golf


Reaching for the Stars

Poy’s Journey to College Golf

Kamonwan Prasurtwong (Poy) is among the large number of talented athletes that come out of rural communities, and have their natural talents flourish with the help of family support and strong coaching. Born in Chiang Rai, in the north of Thailand, Poy came to golf relatively late, not picking up the game until the age of 12. Chiang Rai is a small city, with an even smaller golf community and so talented athletes will always leave to realize their dreams. After committing strongly to her game at the age of 15, Poy was able to overcome these barriers and put up impressive scores at the ultra-competitive national tournaments, and win a coveted spot at the Junior Worlds, representing Thailand.

After coming out of high school, Poy wanted to follow in the footsteps of other Thai golfers, and endeavored to continue to develop her game in the US university system. An admirer of many of the Thai golfers now on tour, one in particular was an inspiration to Poy, and encapsulates a part of Poy’s game. “I admire Thidapa Suwannapura – after she had her back surgery she didn’t give up on her dream. She got up and fought for her dreams. I like how she got up and tried to become the best.”

It was at this point Poy partnered with The Agency College Recruit to find a university team that was a good fit for her. College Recruit was committed to finding her a school that would fit Poy’s needs, and provide her the opportunity to both excel in school as well as develop her game. And Poy took full advantage of the opportunity in every way, becoming the 2016 Big Sky Freshman of the Year at Southern Utah. She followed this up with the Big Sky Award from 2016 to 2020, and a top 5 finish in the Sun State Conference in 2021. In the classroom, Poy also been successful, where she has gone on to undertake her MBA studies. Through it all, Poy was focused on a few key thoughts.  “So far it’s been fun. Being in college has helped me grow as a person. It all comes with a big responsibility, but it is manageable.”

Looking back at everything and then forward to her dreams of getting a tour spot through Q-School, Poy is optimistic and thankful. “The Agency has felt like family, and I was never alone after I got to college.  Im thankful for my family for their support and believing in me. Im thankful for Singha corporation and the Agency for giving me the best opportunity to continue my education and golf experience in the U.S. And Im thankful for Coach Church (SUU) for the opportunity I was given the past 4 years, as well as Coach Watson (PBA) for giving me the opportunity to play college golf the last year of my eligibility.”

Whatever the future holds for Poy, she is thankful for the help she has received, the people that this opportunity has brought her into contact with, and everything she has accomplished. Her experience at university has put her within reach of a tour spot, and her time at university will result in the MBA that will open doors for her in the future, in whatever she wants to do. Poy’s journey encapsulates so many of the benefits that come out of reaching for the stars, and surrounding yourself with people that will help to make your dreams come true.