Hailey Loh's Journey to College Women's Golf



Hailey’s Journey to College Golf

One of the key character points of a successful student-athlete is the ability to efficiently manage two different worlds, and Hailey Loh is a great example of a person who has taken on the challenge and thrived. Growing up in Singapore, with a rigid study schedule that left her finished at school by 3pm, but with a full load of homework, she was still able to put in 20-hour training weeks, and be on the golf course three times a week. And just as golf helped her become a better student, her academic pressure helps to develop a character that pushed her to success on the golf course. For most people what would seem an overwhelming workload laid the foundation for success, and has paid off for Hailey as she has gone off to university with a golf scholarship at Division I school California Baptist University.

Hailey headed off to CBU with a long list of local accolades. She won the 2018 Singapore National Amateur Championship and represented Singapore at the 2019 SEA Games. She followed this up with a number of local awards, including 2019 Student Athlete of the Year, 2019 Golfer of the Year, and being named a member of the Singapore Golf Association National Team. In the face of this local success, Hailey has remained very down to earth and grounded, with a great balance between juggling sport and academics, and a commitment to being excellent in both. This mindset is reflected in what athletes she looks to as role models. “I look up to Serena Williams; she did not come from a rich family, but with hard work and determination, she managed to become the best female tennis player in the world, and one of the best athletes of all time.”

After arriving at CBU, Hailey continued to set new goals and high standards, and stay committed to continuing to develop, both on the course and in the classroom. And as with so many other athletes going off to study overseas in 2019, she has been able to overcome the additional challenges that the COVID-19 virus has presented to student-athletes in the classroom, in sports, and in their lives. Commenting on her experience at CBU, Hailey replied, “My college experience at CBU has been great, despite the challenge of being a freshman during the pandemic. I got to travel and compete in a lot of different places in the USA with my team, and I enjoyed it a lot.”

As she looks forward to 2021, and a more normal academic and competitive landscape, Hailey is excited. She has gotten through a challenging time, set up a strong foundation for her next years at university, and gotten comfortable in her new surroundings.  As she goes from strength to strength, she continues to set lofty goals, and remain committed and confident about her future. “My goal would be to one day win the D1 NCAA championship and then play on the LPGA Tour.”

Hailey is grateful for the help she has received in navigating through her university experience, during these troubled times. Support has come from her family, as well as from The Agency, who were entrusted to help Hailey navigate her way through the process. From setting up interviews with coaches to finding the best fit for Hailey at California Baptist University, the Agency College Recruit has provided guidance and opened doors. “My experience with the Agency was excellent, to say the least. The Agency made my recruiting process a lot smoother and answered all my questions about college golf confidently and swiftly. I would like to thank my family for all their support and The Agency for making my recruiting process so much easier.”